Rent 2 Own Auto - Rent. Own or Return.

Why should I Rent to Own? 
Because we offer Peace of Mind. Whether you simply need a safe and reliable used vehicle to get to and from work for a while, or you are looking to find just the right car, one that you'd like to own for years to come, we can help. 
We can get you on the road quickly and easily in a vehicle that's been thoroughly inspected, carefully reconditioned, and road-tested to go the distance without increasing your debt or liability. How is this possible?  Read on...

At Rent 2 Own Auto, you decide from a variety of quality vehicles and payment options. 

Have you ever been told you are "Upside Down" in your car loan?  You will have NO long-term commitment and you will NEVER owe more than your car is worth!  With us, you'll always have options.  If you love the car, stay in your lease until completion.  If not, just bring the vehicle back.  You can upgrade to a newer vehicle, or just walk away. Since we're not loaning money, we don't charge interest and we will do NO credit checks.

What about my credit?
We do NO credit checks and we won't put you through any lengthy qualifying procedure because you're not going in to debt or financing anything and you're not paying interest to anyone.  Financial problems? Bankruptcy? Repossession? WE CAN HELP!! We keep you going to the places you need to go; to get your kids to school and get you to your job.  And, keep in mind that you always have the option to own it, trade it, or return it to us with normal wear and tear, at anytime.
So, enjoy all the freedom and flexibility of a month-to-month lease, repair assistance, and customer loyalty discounts that can give you great peace of mind while driving the quality vehicle of your choice!

What's Due at Signing?
After you select your vehicle, you can select from four origination fee and payment options available for that vehicle.  Click on our Inventory and Pricing Page to select the option that works best for you.  The origination and the first payment is all you need.  No hidden fees.
We offer $100 off every five months for on-time payments (customer loyalty card required), $50 off for each referral, and 20% off the lease balance whenever you'd like to buy the car outright from us and have no more car payments.  At Rent 2 Own Auto, we truly have you covered!!
What does it take to qualify?
You don't have to worry about the time it takes to do credit checks, because we simply don't do them. You can be driving away in the vehicle of your choice in just under an hour when you bring in the following: your Oregon Driver's License, paystub, contact info. for five personal references, proof of residence, and auto insurance. 
So, make your choice to drive with the flexibility of a month to month lease with loads of options. For example, you may choose to drive your vehicle for the full term of the lease and decide to own it in the end, outright!  If you love it and want to pay for it early, you'll receive a 20% discount off your lease balance, at any time.  If you see something else on our lot you like better, you can trade vehicles for a reduced down. Or, you may simply bring your vehicle back to us for any reason, at any time (in good condition, of course) and walk away... no problem!!!  It'll be up to YOU. Now that's Freedom and Flexibility!

Can I trade in my current vehicle?

Yes! If you have a clear title, you can trade it in.

What are your vehicles like?
Here, you will find only high quality, pre-owned vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected, reconditioned, and road-tested to go the distance.  We've invested a lot into our vehicles, doing our best to make sure they work well for you.  If you do encounter a mechanical problem, however, you can still rest easy knowing we'll be there to pay 50% of the repair, when you select one of our valuable Vehicle Repair Assistance options, which we fondly refer to as our  "V-RAP"s. 
Here, you'll also find low down payments, no credit checks, and sincerely friendly help. 
What you won't find here is any pressure to buy, because we truly believe in our cars and in our unique program.  And, we trust that you will choose our rent-to-own program if it's right for you and your budget.  So, come on by for a leisurely visit, grab a free soda, and just look around if you'd like.   We'll be glad to answer your questions.
Can I rent a car for a short term?
Family or friends coming to town?

In addition to our quality rent-to-own fleet, we are now featuring current model daily rental cars at competive rates.  Current members of our Rent 2 Own Auto "family" receive even more special discounts, of course.  Ask about it today!   For reservations, call us at  503-362-5572

Do you offer repair assistance or oil changes?
Yes! While you are part of our "family" and driving one of our rent to own autos, you may also enjoy additional services like our Vehicle Repair Assistance Program.  With our unique "V-RAP" coverage, you will receive FREE oil changes and 50% off all repairs!  All repair work is done by quality, certified shops at our reduced, contracted rates.  We offer two levels of VRAP coverage, starting at a little more than a dollar a day.   Rely on our Repair Financing when you need it the most, for participating VRAP customers. 
Can you think of any other car dealer that offers you all these valuable options?  Now that's FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY!!!