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 We are a car store like no other!  What makes us extraordinarily different?  It begins with our philosophy that "all hard-working people deserve to enjoy driving a reliable car without ever getting stuck in a high interest rate loan or in a broken down car with no way out".  We have extraordinarily low down payments, no credit checks, 50% repair assistance, and our one-of-a-kind "return-it-anytime" guarantee! 
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Did you know that we pay all your DMV costs as long as you're a customer?  That's a fact!  And, our menu pricing is straightforward.  See our chart below:

BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumPremiumAcq. Fee4955957959951195Weekly Pmt.  7989  99 109 119

Want to pay even less for your car and/or lower your payments?
We offer all of our customers the following savings opportunities:

  • $20 per month for paying on time (payable every 5 months w/"Loyalty Card")
  • $50 discounts for referring friends & family
  • 20% Early Payoff Discount
  • 20% Bonus Credits (for paying more than the minimum due upfront)

Current Inventory Photos:
Updated: 21 November, 2017

2008 Pontiac Vibe
Automatic trans and AC
Power Windows and Locks
160k miles
Good reliable car 
Very good gas mileage
Brand New Tires!!!
Gold Level

06 Nissan Maxima
Very nice powerful car
Fully Loaded
145k miles
Heated Seats
Platinum Level

2004 Acura MDX 
Ready for Winter
7 Passenger Seating
165k miles
Super nice Vehicle
Premium Level

2006 Chevy Cobalt
Nice Reliable Car
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
34 Miles per gallon
117k Miles
Silver Level

2009 Mazda 3
Nice reliable newer car
Great Gas Mileage
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditiooing
Good Stereo
137K miles
Platinum Level

07 Chevy Cobalt 
With very good gas mileage
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
New Tires
Low miles 110k
Good Reliable Car in?????
Bronze Level!!!

2005 Chevy Impala
Full Power Options
Strong V6 motor
Leather Interior
30 MPG
Full Size Car
110K miles
Gold Level

2006 Honda Civic
Really good car made to last.
Folks say they go forever!
Automatic Trans
Air Conditioning
Power Windows and Locks
159K Miles
Ready to go with great fuel economy
Gold Level

2012 Ford Fiesta
Super good gas mileage
Power Windows and Locks
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
No Uber, Lift etc
Super low miles
Only 64K miles!!
Platinum Level


1998 Toyota Camry
Leather Interior
Brand New Front Struts
Nice Stereo
Full Power Options
Almost new tires
Legendary Camry reliability
Low Miles Only 125K
Bronze Level