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 We are a car store like no other!  
What makes us extraordinarily different?  It begins with our philosophy that "all hard-working people deserve to enjoy driving a reliable car without ever getting stuck in a high interest rate loan or in a broken down car with no way out".  

We have extraordinarily low down payments, no credit checks, 
a 50% repair assistance program, and our very own
one-of-a-kind "return-it-anytime" guarantee!

Students' "Semester Leasing" Program

Now offering Willamette University Students an affordable and flexible driving option.  Cars are now available for hourly, daily, or monthly use.  Several Willamette Students have enjoyed the convenience of renting their own vehicle for the semester.

Refer Friends and receive $100 OFF a Semester Lease or 20 % OFF your next daily or weekly rental.

Call us at: 503-362-5572 to ask about Willamette University Students' "Semester Leasing" or "Bearcat Rental" pricing information or just stop by and get signed up to drive TODAY!

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Our Tried and True "Lease-to-Own" Program

You select the car and set your own payment schedule.  If you love the car, own it.  If not, you are free to return the keys...anytime!  And, all vehicles are licensed so there are NO DMV fees until the lease is completed.  That's a fact!    We also offer free fluid "Top Off" between regular scheduled service intervals. Come in to have your engine oil and coolant checked and topped off for free!!  

Our menu pricing is straightforward.  Come see us at Rent 2 Own Auto for our posted menu prices and details.

Our Basic "Lease-to-Own" Menu Pricing:


Want to lower your payments?  

Here's How:

Our customers have the following savings opportunities:

  • Save $20 per month just for paying on time (payable every 5 months w/our "Loyalty Card")
  • Get $50 discounts for referring friends & family
             (unlimited quantity)
  • Take your 20% Early Payoff Discount
  • Lower your regular payments by putting more down upfront!
  • PLUS get a 20% Bonus (for each dollar paid more than the minimum due upfront)

Inventory Coming Soon:

2006 Toyota Sienna

It's a nice van

Managers Special of the Week

 2003 Toyota Corolla 
174k Miles. Not high for a Corolla
Automatic Transmission
Power Steering
Good Tires
Sale Price

Half Off the Down on the Milan
Only $350 Down

2008 Mercury Milan
Full Power Options
Really Nice leather interior
Good Gas mileage with 4 cylinder engine
154 k Miles
Very Good Car in
Automatic Transmision
Air Conditioning
Alloy Wheels

Current Inventory Photos:
Updated: 13 June 2018

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Very nice vehicle to drive
Very capable Four Wheel Drive
Quiet and Comfortable
Tow Package
Alloy Wheels
Vehicle is in Great Shape
174k Miles
Own it in Only 24 Months
Platinum Level

Legendary Jeep 4X4


Freshly detailed interior
Power Windows and Locks
Power Seat

2007 Honda Accord
Really Nice One Owner Car
Super reliable and Long lasting
Leather, MoonRoof
Great Gas Mileage
Alloy Wheels
Gold Level

2011 Nissan Sentra
Low Miles Only 98k
Power Windows and Locks
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
Platinum Level

1999 Ford Expedition XLT 
Four Wheel Drive
Three Row Seating, 8 Passenger
Almost New Tires
Power Windows and Locks
Alloy Wheels, Tow Package
152k miles
Silver Level

2000 Ford Expedition 4X4
Eddie Bauer, Four Wheel Drive
Brand New Tires
Leather, 8 Passenger
Three Row Seating
197k miles 
Silver level

2010 Chevy cobalt
Nice looking Sporty car
Power Windows and Locks
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
134k miles
Bronze Level

2005 Nissan Maxima
Loaded Car
Power Windows, Locks, Tilt, Moonroof, seats. Automatic and Air
Premium Stereo
Alloy Wheels, Good Tires
Leather, heated seats, 135k miles
Gold Level
$4995  SOLD
2004 Dodge Durango 4X4
Three row Seating 7 Passenger
Power Windows and Locks
Tow Package V8 Power 
Alloy Wheels
148k Miles
Gold Level


2007 Honda Accord
One Owner Car
Long lasting Car
Heated Leather Seats
Power Seat, MoonRoof
Power Windows and Locks
Alloy wheels
Now in Gold Level

2010 Hyundai Sonata
Nice comfortable and reliable car
Very good gas mileage
Power Windows and Locks
Automatic Transmission
136k miles
Air Conditioning
Really Good Car In???????
Gold Level

2011 Nissan Sentra 
Great Gas mileage
Really cool and fun car
Fully Loaded with power options
Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning
Low miles Only 98K
Spoiler for higher speeds!
Available Now!
Platinum Level